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• Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Thanks to Elaine for bringing me to Cork and allowing me to stay at her lovely cottage the night before Barcamp. I definitely wouldn’t have gone to Cork if I haven’t received her tweet.

It is my second year attending Barcamp Cork and I thought that this one was even better one than last year. It had great location (Webworks in Cork centre), tasty snacks and lot of interesting speakers. I do believe however that social media dominated most of the talks (or maybe it is just me attending those kinds?).

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for drinks. Going back to Dublin does take a while. But I was rather happy to meet everyone I met on the night. Looking forward to next barcamps. Presentations should be uploaded soon on the website. Some photos from my iPhone are below.


Even thought I did hear about AudioBoo before I never actually downloaded application. For those of you, who actually do daily podcasts – application will be soon available on Google Android.


I really loved Sabrina Dent bootcamps – going through different websites and telling some good / bad things about them. It might be harsh, but it is always usable.

12 free tools for start-ups

Really loved this session by Brian Walsh and I will try to check out those tools which I still dont know:

  1. Dropbox – free file sharing
  2. Hootsuite – social media tool
  3. pixlr – get graphics from web
  4. SEO Firefox – tells you seo stats for sites
  5. Firebug – allows you to modify HTML / CSS yourself
  6. Google Webmaster tools – for sitemaps & other things
  7. – zooming presentation tool
  8. Photoshop – everyone can do that
  9. CuteFTP or FireFTP for downloading / uploading files that has been changed
  10. Google Adwords – for getting traffic to your website
  11. WordPress – for blogging, simple first website (and don’t forget to use AllInOneSEO plugin)
  12. Google Analytics – to know traffic sources, visitor browsers, countries etc for your country
  13. ZohoCRM – how much sales calls you have to do to get stabile revenue?

Hmm… somehow I got 13 instead of 12 advertised. Not sure which one wasn’t there. I’m sure we talked about all.

How to create a social media strategy in 10 steps

Conor from Connector always amazes me with different interesting ideas. To hear more about his 10C tips, watch video here.

And more..

I really loved Catherine Wilson talk about e-mail Newsletters. If you are interested, definitely contact her.

I loved  Elaines tips for how not to run away from your business and how actually start earning something. One amazing coach!

And finally my last session was about debt collection from Ciara Crossan. I do believe that it is very vital question in recession. Even listening at her experience made me think.

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    thanks for the great post gita and the kind words – the best link is this as i have not uploaded the cork pres yet!

    hope to see you on the 9th for connector christmas party!

    be good

  2. 2

    I was sure that Connector was on Dec 8th from your mail.

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