Author: gita
• Tuesday, February 01st, 2011

Firstly – everyone is welcome to follow my Delicious bookmarks that I started over weekend. Currently it would contain mostly UK information (as I’m planning for move to UK) – agile events, php/developer conferences, business directories – and some non UK things as php articles/blogs, php framework comparisons.

Here is few more links that I got over last week:

  • Media Contact – gives all updated PR contacts at price of €750 / year + VAT
  • FAS work placement program – provides good specialists without monetary outlay
  • Peninsula – outsource your HR. Helps you with contracts and deal with different HR issues over 3 period time for monthly payment
  • IBEC – The Irish Business and Employers Confederation – membership that also helps you with all HR issues
  • Evergreen Internships – if you are searching for Intern, this is good place to do so
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